The Best Wedding Venues & Villas in Tuscany, Italy

A wedding in Tuscany is known for its romantic energy and exquisite scenery!

Highly regarded as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, Tuscany developed a culture that spread throughout Europe. Rich with history, exquisite food, art, and culture, the scenic rolling hills of Tuscany evoke all the senses for a remarkably unforgettable wedding day. Before you venture into the country side, arrive in Florence and spend several days strolling the city center on foot, enjoying stunning architecture, the pinnacle of Italian dining and endless art.

The Tuscan countryside is ripe with fragrant lemon trees, ancient olive trees, and wineries. All tucked away in a world that calls forth relaxation. With tourism attractions, just a stone’s throw away in Siena and Orvieto.

Allow yourself to daydream for a moment, your wedding day set against the backdrop of the meticulously landscaped Italian gardens of Tuscany. Specifically known for their geometric style which imposes order over nature. Picture a dinner reception that is based on evoking all the senses. Here, you’ll sit and sip wine with your closest friends and family until the early morning hours in this tranquil setting.

In essence, Tuscany is one of the top locations worldwide for a destination wedding! I’ve rounded up 7 of the Best Wedding Venues & Villas in Tuscany to host your wedding day, and I’m sharing an inside look at each one of them below!

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The Best Wedding Venues & Villas

in Tuscany, Italy:

Villa Medicea di Lilliano

Villa Medicea di Lilliano is rich with acres of olive groves and wine vineyards. Creating the atmosphere that is the epitome of a Tuscan Wedding Experience!

Villa Medicea di Lilliano is a historic estate that tells the story of ambition, royalty, and modern change. Over the course of 10 centuries, the villa has transferred ownership between royals, cardinals, and noblemen. Today, the villa serves as a winery, hotel, and wedding venue!

The villa’s agriculture and architecture is well preserved. This includes a first-floor granary, a lemon house, and a subterranean oil cellar. You’ll also find baroque influence in the private chapel of the Medici Cardinal and the twin stairways in the central courtyard.

With a picturesque backdrop, Villa Medicea di Lilliano hosts exceptional weddings of all sizes! From small-scale elopements up to weddings that serve 250 guests. Their collections begin with a ‘just for two’ sized wedding day and extend all the way up to bespoke banquet experiences. Moreover, the villa offers the option of hosting your wedding indoors or outdoors, with a multitude of locations on the property to choose from! Villa Medicea di Lilliano offers two indoor banquet rooms, gardens, a courtyard, the chapel, and a terrace (with breathtaking views of Florence!) for your wedding day. Additionally, the villa provides its couples with a built-in rain plan. Thus ensuring that inclement weather will not ruin your event.

To find out more about sourcing vendors for your wedding at Villa Medicea di Lilliano as well as their package offerings, click here to read more!

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Villa Gamberaia

Villa Gamberaia is a Tuscany Wedding Venue that overlooks the prehistoric Arno Valley!

Situated in the hills of Tuscany, just 20 minutes outside Florence lays Villa Gamberaia.  A historic 17th-century villa known for its verdant gardens. When you first enter Villa Gamberaia you’ll be greeted by a road lined with Cypress trees! Then, you’ll be swept away by the villa’s famous gardens and ponds which overlook the lush hills of Arno Valley.

If you’re planning an opulent multi-day event for your Tuscan wedding, Villa Gamberaia makes a magnificent choice. Thus allowing their couples to rent out the villa in its entirety. Which creates an exclusive event at the Villa that will allow you to delight your guests with a welcome party, a rehearsal dinner, an after-party, or even a morning-after brunch! Additionally, Villa Gamberaia provides its couples with all the frills that a traditional Tuscan wedding has to offer. Villa Gamberaia’s maximum capacity welcomes up to 900 guests for an outdoor reception. If you want to take in the sights of an alfresco reception, the grass terraces and gardens provide long stretches of space for you to host your extensive guest list! Or, for indoor receptions, you have the option of using two halls which each holds 200 guests. 

If you still want all of the opulence that a Tuscan wedding has to offer, but in a more intimate setting, the grotto behind the villa will host your ceremony or reception. I recently toured Villa Gamberaia, if you’d like to take a look inside, you can find more information here!

La Foce

La Foce is best known for its decadent Italian gardens. Certainly, this remarkable Villa, with its enormously lush gardens, makes an enchanting location for your Tuscan wedding

La Foce is a Wedding Venue located in the clay hills of Sienna, overlooking Val D’Orcia in southern Tuscany! This 15th-century villa, located between Florence and Rome, once served as the historic resting site for pilgrims who traveled the Cypress road.

The lavish gardens will provide the ambiance of your wedding ceremony. Dividing the gardens are vast geometrical box hedges. In each of the boxes rests lemon trees in terracotta pots. The heavenly scent of citrus fragrance wafts from the leaves of the lemon trees in the springtime, arousing your senses. What a remarkable experience that will have you reminiscing your wedding day each time you smell lemons!

Later, while guests sip cocktails in the lemon garden, you will explore the grounds with your wedding photographer. Locations on the grounds for breathtaking wedding photos include the travertine stairs which lead the way to a rose garden and winding wisteria-covered pergola! Your reception will take place in the gravel driveway. Which evokes the feeling of being drawn into another time. Can you picture dining under cafe lighting between the tall Cypress hedges? Your guests will be enticed by the sumptuous Tuscan cuisine because La Foce uses fresh produce from their in-house farm! Their professionally trained staff will oversee and anticipate each and every need of your Villa La Foce wedding!

Have a look inside Villa La Foce for your Tuscan wedding, including their guest house and swimming pool, in this post!

Castello di Vicarello

There is no shortage of breathtaking wedding venues in Tuscany for hosting a destination wedding. What makes Castello di Vicarello distinctive, aside from its unique design, is its many amenities, stunning views, and organic gardens and vineyards!

Castello di Vicarello is a 13th-century complex turned castle, turned family-owned & operated wedding venue in Tuscany!

The design of the amenities on the property are all Balinese-inspired! The current owners, who began renovating the castle in the 1980s worked in Bali exporting furniture. Subsequently adding their own unique flair of Balinese-inspired design to the castle! Which is unseen in any other Tuscan Villa. Thus creating an interesting dichotomy between the castle’s Italian history and its modern-day owners who have a tremendous flair for design.

The stunning gardens provide a magnificent view and atmosphere for intimate and luxurious weddings alike. As a matter of fact, the grounds of the Castle are open for exploration on your wedding day. You and your guests are welcome to walk the gardens and take in the exquisite views of Tuscany! Furthermore, Castello di Vicarello’s team has over a decade of experience servicing weddings. They work tirelessly to provide food, wine, music, florals, table settings, and marquees for their couples. Overall creating an unforgettable experience for you and your guests!

Undeniably, the most unique accommodation that you’ll find at Castello di Vicarello is their 1980s Fiat 500 & Vintage Mini Cooper! These vehicles are available to guests who’d like to that them out for a spin to explore the nearby medieval villages. Alternatively, you can take these vehicles out for a drive along the coast and take in the views of the historic fishing towns and picturesque harbors.

To learn more about your on-site activities and hosting your wedding day at Castello di Vicarello, click here for full details!

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Castello di Celsa

A luxurious wedding venue in Tuscany, Castello di Celsa overlooks the rolling hills of the Tuscan countryside!

Much like the rest of Tuscany, Castello di Celsa has a rich history. With a lineage of noble owners dating back over four centuries! With the original castle dating all the way back to the 13th century. It wasn’t until the 16th century that change was brought about to Castello di Celsa. During that period, the Celsi family from Siena chose to refurbish the property, transforming it into a country estate. Now, Castello di Celsa serves as a wedding venue and provides its guest’s accommodations at La Limonaia. 

Conveniently located just 20km west of Siena, the castle’s location provides easy access for its couples and their guests. Additionally, the castle is situated at the peak of a hill, making it clearly visible upon your approach. This unique location provides undeniably exquisite views of the enchanting Tuscan countryside.

Ceremony options for your Castello di Celsa wedding include the garden park which overlooks Tuscany, the castle courtyard, or the 16th-century chapel beneath the tower. There is also an on-site rain plan which includes a covered indoor option in the recently restored barn. Additionally, the restored barn makes a great option for weddings in any season!

Find out more about guest lodging at La Limonnaia, and the relaxing environment of Castello di Celsa, by clicking over to this post!

Villa Cetinale

Grand and aristocratic, Villa Cetinale is a 17th-century residence located in the middle of a forest of Oak trees!

Villa Cetinale was built for Pope Alexander VII in 1680. Heavily designed in the Roman Baroque style, the Villa is the true epitome of Tuscan grace. Villa Cetinale’s guestbook has been signed by many notable names. Including Princess Margaret, Mick Jagger, and Kate Moss!

At the end of a long dusty road, you’ll find iron gates that open to reveal the magnificent Villa. The interiors of the Villa will leave you feeling welcomed. Additionally, the Villa has an ambiance of elegance combined with modern comforts. You’ll find vaulted ceilings and a myriad of original paintings and artwork about the house.

Praised by Edith Wharton, the Villa’s garden is immaculate. Undoubtedly, the gardens of Villa Centinale are a world all their own. Accordingly, the gardens contain secret nestled paths. Among them, you will find statues, climbing roses, lilies, wisterias, and lemon groves. Renowned for their beauty, the gardens are reputed to be the most beautiful in all of Italy.

The manicured gardens of the Villa play host to symbolic wedding ceremonies. Conversely, if you wish to have a Catholic wedding ceremony, there are beautiful Roman Churches approximately 20 minutes away.

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La Badia di Orvieto

La Badia is an ancient abbey that is now a four-star hotel. Making it the perfect setting for your unforgettable wedding in Tuscany, Italy!

Located in the region of Umbria, Italy La Badia di Orvieto is an amazing wedding venue that holds historic charm! La Badia’s location on the western border of Umbria is located just outside the border of Tuscany.

La Badia’s origins date all the way back to 1100, which qualifies it as one of the oldest hotels in Italy. Today, it offers modern-day hospitality to its guests, while also paying homage to the Saints and prelates who have walked its grounds. 

The 12th-century church is adorned with extraordinary frescoes. Which creates an atmosphere of rare and historic architecture. Combine this with the beauty of the lush surroundings and you have a truly bespoke wedding day experience. All in all, this venue will blow you away with its dramatic architecture combined with its historic background!

For your wedding reception, you will have a choice of three locations on the ground of La Badia. They are the lounges, the beautiful lush Italian gardens, and the courtyards. Additionally, each of these locations has the ability to host up to 200 guests. For more information on hosting your Tuscan wedding at La Badia di Orvieto, including activities, excursions, and amenities available to you and your guests, you can read this post!

Now that we’ve rounded up some of the best Wedding Villas & Venues in Tuscany, it would be an honor to make your dreams come true!

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