The Cosmos Club DC Wedding Venue Tour and Planning Guide

About the Cosmos Club in DC

The Cosmos Club is a unique DC Wedding Venue ripe with class & sophistication! Formed in 1878, the club opened its doors as a private social club. At this time, its most prominent members were men & women who were undoubtedly distinguished in science, literature, the arts, or public service. Likewise, the Cosmos Clubs’ former members boast 3 US presidents, 2 Vice Presidents, 14 Supreme court Justices, 36 Nobel Prize Winners, 61 Pulitzer Prize winners, and 55 recipients of the Presidental Medal of Freedom.

An array of programs is offered to suit its members’ overall interests. Programs range from international affairs to science and the arts, and lastly economics. Presently, this elegant and stately club is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Designating it as a landmark in DC.

Currently, The Cosmos Club’s social calendar remains full with a varying schedule of events for its members including weekly champagne brunches, monthly lobster dinners, seasonal dinner dances, and holiday events. In addition to their social events, the Cosmos Club sharpens its member’s intellect through chess tournaments and their extensive collection of over 9,500 tomes and 140 periodicals. Additionally, the Warne Ballroom hosts monthly concerts for members. While literary debates take place in the Library.

The Cosmos Club in DC brings its members together through common interests and a shared passion for arts and intellect. Additionally, weddings and private events can be held here when hosted or sponsored by a current club member.

Why I love this DC Wedding Venue

This DC Wedding venue is not your typical mansion or museum. Weddings at the Cosmos Club are filled with old-fashioned warmth alongside the societal traditions of the Gilded Age. You can expect an ambiance-filled wedding day with all the charm of a historic landmark.

Your guests will enjoy a distinctive meal created by the Cosmos Club catering team while sitting among the ornate walls of the Louis XV-inspired Warne Ballroom. Likewise, the elegance of this venue is something truly unique to the DC area. The beauty of the Cosmos Club creates a setting that is impossible to experience in a standard ballroom.

Planning Your Wedding

Warne Ballroom

A wedding day in the Warne Ballroom is set among 6,000 feet of linear gold. Thus evoking the beauty and splendor of Versailles for your guests.

With a dance floor, the ballroom can host 130 guests. Without a dancefloor, the ballroom can accommodate 165 guests. Accordingly, reception-style seating can accommodate up to 200 guests in this space.

The Warne Ballroom is available for your wedding day at a cost of $4,500.

Members Dining Room

The member’s dining room is an optimal setting for couples whose guest lists do not exceed 100 people. Here, up to 90 guests can be accommodated with reception-style seating, and up to 70 guests can be seated without a dance floor.

The Member’s Dining Room is available for your wedding day at a cost of $500

Crentz Room

For a more intimate setting for your wedding day, the Crentz Room can accommodate up to 100 seated guests without a dance floor, and up to 120 guests reception style.

The Crentz Room is available for your wedding day at a cost of $500

Long Gallery

The Long Gallery is another offering at the Cosmos Club for an intimate-sized wedding. 100 guests can be accommodated here with reception-style seating. Also, up to 60 guests can be accommodated here without the use of a dancefloor.

The Long Gallery is available for your wedding day at a cost of  $450

East Garden

The East Garden is an idyllic setting for your wedding day portraits or first look. This location is ideal for couples with a guest list of fewer than 150 people. The East Garden can accommodate up to 80 guests for reception-style seating, or up to 140 guests for your ceremony.

The East Garden is available for your wedding day at a cost of $150

Additional Offerings

Furthermore, entertainment for your event will require an established connection to area musicians. The staff of the Cosmos Club can provide you with a list of recommendations whether you are searching for a string quartet a piano player, background music, or a DJ to liven up the dancefloor of the ballroom!

For a full list of catering packages, you can view the Cosmos Club wedding packages by clicking here

Further wedding offerings at the Cosmos Club include:

  • Sparkler Exit
  • Two night stay in the bridal suite the evening before or after the wedding
  • Bridal Suite Fantasy Package: bridal suite adorned with Taittinger champagne, rose petals, chocolate-covered strawberries 
  • Breakfast in Bed: Belgian waffles with eggs, bacon, sausage, potato hash, yogurt parfait, fresh fruits, mimosas, and coffee

For more information on booking private events, contact details are as follows: 

  • Julia Rush
  • Catering Manager
  • 202-939-1557
  • jrush@cosmosclub.org

Searching for a wedding photographer in DC to capture the sophistication of your Cosmos Club Wedding?

Learn more about the experience of working with me or contact me today!

Are you looking for a wedding photographer in DC to capture the class & sophistication of your Cosmos Club wedding?

Learn more about the experience of working with me or contact me today!