Perry Belmont House DC Wedding Venue Tour

About the Perry Belmont House

Constructed on the heels of the American Gilded Age, the Perry Belmont House is a Beaux-Arts mansion featuring world-class elegance in all the opulence of its time.

Perry Belmont was a noble figure of the early 1900s. He served as an American Congressman and as an Ambassador to Spain. In addition to his political work, Belmont was a leading socialite. Thus, he constructed his mansion with the ambition of entertaining and providing hospitality for some of DC’s most notable socialites. And from time to time he also played host to leaders from around the globe.

The Perry Belmont House is a mansion that offers unparalleled architectural detailing and furnishings which are sure to impress or enchant all that walk through its doors. The mansion was designed by famed French architect, Eugene Sanson. Sanson was renowned throughout all of Europe for designing grand homes and chateaus. Specifically, Sanson’s designs target the use of light and space to create interiors known for their elegance. You’ll see Sanson’s influence on the exterior of the mansion, which is reminiscent of 15th and 16th-century French chateau architecture. Lastly, Sanson is known for creating the exquisite grey-veined, white marble staircase at the Perry Belmont House. Thus representing the literal pinnacle of sophistication inside this piece of architectural history.

The Perry Belmont house is best known for its historical preservation efforts. And more recently for opening its doors to couples who wish to plan an unforgettably enchanting wedding day.

Why I love this DC Wedding Venue

The history, architecture, and decor of the mansion provide an unparalleled wedding day experience not found elsewhere in the DC area. The sheer grandeur of the mansion is sure to enchant your guests. From the aforementioned white marble staircase to the voluminous 60ft vaulted ceiling with Ionic colonnade encircling balcony of wrought iron and brass railings. To the rock crystal and amethyst chandeliers. Your guests will feel as though they’ve stepped back into the Gilded Age, where high society is entertaining them for the evening.

In addition to the opulent chandeliers, the mansion rooms are furnished with ornate fireplaces. All in all the mansion holds eleven fireplaces, with many of the fireplaces accented by hand-carved marble mantles. Thus creating soft ambient lighting for hauntingly beautiful wedding day photos.

Your Wedding Day at The Perry Belmont House

Because the mansion was designed with entertaining in mind, there are several locations throughout the house ideal for hosting your wedding. You’ll find that the rooms range in both size and setup.


Upon their approach to the mansion, your guests will first pass the vaulted stone driveway and through the imposing glass and iron front doors. Your guests will be greeted by the large circular foyer and grand double staircase. The foyer is lit by gilded bronze lanterns and paved in marble. It provides clear views of the grand staircase and the flanked hallways. Upon entry to the home, your guests will be transfixed by the sight of the imported Italian marble, and the original furnishings that are still on display. This includes several Tiffany vases and furniture from French royalty, Louis XIV, and Louis XV.

Family Dining Room

At the back of the mansion, the Family Dining Room adjoins the Treasure Room and a small French Salon. The decor in the family dining room takes the form of gold leaf lions mounted on marble.

Grand Salon/ Gold Room

The Grand Salon (also known as the Gold Room) sits on the second floor of the mansion and is the most subdued in the ornamentation of all the rooms in the mansion. The upholstered panels of the Gold Room depict magnificently exotic botanical scenes with birds. The overall effect of the room is purely dazzling. With the wall sconces and chandeliers lit, it’s easy to see how this room received its moniker.

A wedding ceremony in the Grand Salon can seat 150 guests. For a standing reception in this space, accommodations can be made for 110 guests. A total of 80 guests can be accommodated for a seated reception. The Grand Salon is available at the cost of $3,000.

The Petite Salon

Echoing the entrance hall directly below, but decorated in vaulted plaster walls with gold-leaf decorations in musical themes sits the Petite Salon. The musical themes of the room recall room’s history with its use during the Belmont era.

The gold-gilded Austrian Baroque style elliptical Petite Salon has 18ft windows and a magnificent spherical rock crystal chandelier.

A  reception at The Petite Salon can host up to 150 guests (Including two hallways & only available with a full buy-out),  or 45 seated guests at $2,500.

State Dining Room

The State Dining Room has graciously played host to Presidents and royalty alike. Among the backdrop of glittering candlelit, elaborate dinners and banquets took place in the State Dining Room.

In the State Dining Room, your guests will enjoy the upward view of the magnificent Doges palace ceiling which Belmont purchased during his time in Italy. The State Dining Room was designed explicitly around the grandiosity of the ceiling.

A wedding at the State Dining Room of Perry Belmont House can host up to 120 guests, or 60 seated guests at $3,000.

Grand Ballroom

Two stone-vaulted halls flank the Grand Staircase, leading the way to the Grand Ballroom.

The Grand Ballroom, located on the second floor, is the largest of all the rooms at the Perry Belmont House. It serves as the centerpiece for the second floor. This room boasts chair rail, pilasters, and frieze all entirely carved out of oak.

Here 19th-century oil paintings adorn the red damask upholstered walls with two bronze and crystal chandeliers adorning the ceiling. An enormous circular skylight provides extensive ample natural light creating an ideal setting for your wedding photos. One of many of the mansion’s numerous hidden treasures resides in this room, in the form of a rare gold-leafed Steinway B Grand piano.

A wedding reception at the Grand Ballroom of the Perry Belmont House can host up to 200 guests, or 150 seated guests at $6,000.

Rent out the Second Floor in its Entirety

The entire second floor of the mansion is available for rent. Accommodations are as follows; standing space can be provided for up to 200 guests or for 150 seated guests

There are two pricing brackets for use of the second floor on your wedding day. For up to 100 guests the second floor is available at a cost of $10,000, for up to 200 guests, the second floor is available at a cost of $12.500.

Lastly, The Perry Belmont House can assist you with any audiovisual or lighting needs and will provide a list of preferred & approved wedding vendors for your day. Scroll through the blog below for a tour of this exquisite piece of architectural history!

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